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Sofdia solves our clients’ toughest challenges by providing innovative services in FinTech, technology assurance, digital, and cybersecurity. We have partnered and assisted stock exchanges, banks, maritime regulators, financial switches, and lottery companies in improving the way they work. More so, a considerable part of Sofdia Services involves SWIFT External Assessment, which we invested in training and experience building in SWIFT financial technologies.

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  • Fintech
  • Assurance
  • Cyber Security
Sofdia believes that financial services offering is mostly at infancy and there is a huge potential for the disruption of this landscape.
Rather than becoming spectators in this field, Sofdia is developing new banking models to change the financial and banking landscape globally. Our best financial services platform, called gho banking, offers unique financial services via existing banks and financial service providers. The gho model does not attempt to replace banks but instead aims to increase the array of financial services which banks provides in a new and exciting way.
Due to the increase in specialized software technologies, providing assurance on the adequacy of controls in the implementation can be very challenging.
Sofdia is experienced in providing assurance on unique systems. Some include the following: Port Community Systems, National Single Window, Financial Trading Systems including NASDAQ X-Stream and Clearing and Depository Systems (CDS), Lottery and Gaming Systems, SAP S/4HANA and SWIFT. In addition, Sofdia provides system audit services and post implementation reviews.
The ever-evolving field of cybersecurity requires a good understanding on how to implement a cyber resilient strategy for a specific type business.
Sofdia implements the NIST Cyber Security Framework for specialized businesses including Banks, and we pride ourselves with a deep understanding of the complex nature of businesses with reference to the standard. More importantly, we provide SWIFT External Assessment for the Customer Security Controls Framework (CSCF), and we have both an in-depth understanding of SWIFT and cyber security. Also, we review the integration to back-office application for SWIFT and application controls that are specific to SWIFT. We are also partners to SWIFT for this service.

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Innovation & Digitalization

We pride ourselves with the knowledge and delivery of innovative services using a digitalized approach to solve common business problems

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To deliver certifiable level quality, we have a quality assurance framework and partner with industry leaders to deliver best in class solutions

Think Future, Act Now

To proactively assist our clients, we determine the approach for your business by considering future events. This way, your business can benefit from a first mover advantage and reduce cost or massive profits.

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We have partnered key players in the financial industry to deliver top notch outcomes for your business

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With expertise across the Middle East and West Africa, we deliver transformational outcomes for a demanding new digital world

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